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LightSwitch: Where Team Culture Is at Play

LightSwitch workshops empower your staff to speak out and share their ideas in a safe and supportive environment, which builds a team culture of trust where failure is embraced and celebrated as a learning experience instead of a blow to self confidence. 

LightSwitch Consulting tailors workshops for clients using the fundamentals of applied improvisation. Applied improv isn’t about being quick-witted or funny; it’s about listening and making others look good and feel heard. When the veil is dropped and judgement is set aside, self and team discovery can happen.

These workshops are for forward-thinking businesses, organizations, and non-profits who have identified challenges in their teams and are open to doing something different: investing in their staff by trying a non-traditional, play-based approach to surmount every obstacle.

Address Challenges Through Play

  • 90 minute — This short, introductory workshop gives your team a taste of the benefits of applied improv. Providing a launchpad to explore through longer workshops

  • Half-day — A three-hour tailored workshop to drill down into a specific challenge through playful games and exercises founded in applied improv 

  • Full-day — Even more fun packed into a six-hour tailored workshop; recommended when addressing a few challenges at once or digging deeper into one area

  • Workshop Series — Delivered over multiple sessions, a series made up of half-day or full-day workshops tailored to your team provides opportunity to address multiple areas of concern, build on previous sessions and develop a relationship with the facilitator 

  • Special Events — Customizable interactive sessions designed for larger groups (company-wide meetings, retreats, conferences, symposiums, etc.)

LightSwitch Consulting aims to help the culture of your team shift from negative to positive, from scared to engaged, and from being wary of others to making others look good.
“Our company has worked with Phil a number of times now, both in small group sessions as well as all-company workshops, and have always benefited from his ability to customize the sessions and tailor his approach to meet our needs. He brings high energy with a focus on fun and playfulness to a corporate setting in a way that allows our employees to fully engage in the activities while gaining insights and tackling important topics. He’s brought activities that have helped us address specific challenges such as supporting open communication, tackling conflict resolution, working collaboratively and celebrating mistakes. We look forward to working together with Phil in the future and would recommend him to any organization looking to engage staff in a unique, experiential and collaborative way.”

Lea Scherck — VP People, ThoughtExchange

Contact LightSwitch Consulting for a complimentary, no-obligation, 30-minute meeting to explore the challenges your team is facing. Phil will consider solutions with you, ranging from team building and leadership exercises to games encouraging communication, collaboration, and connection through creativity and the power of play. 

Invest in a Healthy Team Dynamic Through Play

“The most sophisticated people I know . . . inside they’re all children.”
Jim Henson

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