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Welcome to LightSwitch Consulting, a forward-thinking organization helping businesses and organizations like yours address team challenges through play. Yes, you read that right: playtime is for adults too and it’s the perfect tool for building connection and communication. 

Team culture sets the tone for success. When staff are afraid of failure, this can lead to a lack of creativity and a tendency to play it safe. If the team dynamics don’t improve and staff struggle to connect authentically, retention can be at risk, leadership may lack the confidence to step into their role, and poor communication practices can take over. These problems may be at the root of what stops you from addressing more specific challenges. 


But don’t worry! Solving problems doesn’t have to be so serious. LightSwitch Consulting can help you discover light-bulb moments through tailored, play-based workshops built on the principles of applied improvisation. Through interactive, fun games, deep personal and group discoveries can be activated. Within this creative and honest environment, collaboration thrives in a playful and inviting way that makes learning more fun and authentic.

Building connection, collaboration, communication.

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People playing game focused on connection


Leave egos at the door and create a safe space for authentic conversations to thrive.

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Break down barriers and address root problems on an even-playing field, focusing on fun and reframing failure as a natural part of learning.

Having fun while acknowledging and enbracing failure in an applied improv game.
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Learn to listen to your team members and validate their thoughts while asserting yours through applied improv games and exercises.

LightSwitch Consulting owner, Phil Loosley

Hi, I'm Phil Loosley.

I'm inspired by the blending of intelligence and fun to create a safe environment for teams to explore, learn and grow.

A team operating in a supportive and positive culture are confident to be creative, behave authentically and make each other look good. The result, a team which communicates, collaborates and connects more effectively.

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
Albert Einstein

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