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Phil Loosley comes to the world of applied improvisation from a performance background. Performing professionally since 2007, he has trained and performed at the Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary, at Vancouver and Canmore International Improv Festivals, and at numerous improv festivals across Europe. His improv experiences include short and long form, musical, abstract, and contact, as well as storytelling, mask, puppetry, and clowning. He brings a unique and varied skill set to his workshops, from performance, psychology studies, team management, firefighting, and mountain bike coaching.

He believes that an individual discovery of your own learning moment is more impactful than being taught something.

LightSwitch Consulting owner and facilitator, Phil Loosley
“Improv is not what I thought it was. It’s not primarily about being funny, quick witted or clever; it’s about listening, saying yes to things, making other people look good, and being authentic.
Skills which translate directly to life and business”

Phil Loosley

The big building blocks of applied improv are (1) not being scared of failures, and (2) agreeing that this is a safe space to try new things where you won’t be ridiculed or embarrassed if you fail. LightSwitch Consulting draws from Phil’s varied background, including his experience managing teams in high-stress environments, studying psychology, and coaching. From his work creating and hosting a live game show, Phil can facilitate a safe and supportive environment where participants become comfortable with being vulnerable and letting themselves play. 

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"The most sophisticated people I know ... inside they are all children."
Jim Henson

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