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Lifting other people up

What can you do this month to make OTHER PEOPLE look good?

One of the big building blocks of applied improvisation is to make other people shine.

Even in 'competitive' performance improv formats, good improvisers who are trying to 'win' on stage will put their egos aside and watch for opportunities to help their competition look good. And audiences love them for it.

Do you know what happens when you focus on making others look good?

➡ You look good. Not just to them but to those around you.

➡ You help build a culture of trust and collaboration, instead of suspicion and backstabbing

➡ You build a team around you who will help when you need lifting up.

So I challenge you this February to find ways to make others around you look good: 

  • Support their ideas. 

  • Ask how you can help them to succeed. 

  • Celebrate their successes and achievements. 

  • Pay attention to see what help they need before they ask. 

  • Make sure they get credit when it's due.

And if you discover that you're so used to focusing on how you make yourself look good or looking over your shoulder suspiciously at your colleagues that it feels unnatural or challenging, then email me to explore how a LightSwitch Consulting workshop can help make you and your team look good by making others look good!


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